What is the capital of Australia?

Canberra, it is Australia’s largest inland city, and one of the top ten largest cities in the federation of colonies known as Australia. It is flanked on the southwest by Sydney, an equally famous city and on the northeast, by Melbourne, another iconic city, on the east southeast lies Perth and not too far away is Adelaide.It may have been constructed in the early 1900s to look like other great global cities like Brasilia in brazil and Washington DC in the united states (all iconic city capitals). Continue reading “What is the capital of Australia?”

How many states are in Australia?

Australia is made up of six states and ten federal territories. Each state has its own constitution, with its own legislature (a.k.a parliament). The state parliaments have legislative power, except that some areas of legislative power are exclusive to the federal parliament, many others are exercised concurrently with it. In case of conflict between federal and state legislation, federal legislation prevails. Five of the states can be found on the mainland, while the remaining states is an island located over 100 miles from the mainland. Continue reading “How many states are in Australia?”

How to get a visa for Australia

How to get a visa for Australia

No one can deny that this country belonging to the commonwealth is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. Being such a vast country, it has a lot of landscapes to visit, endemic species of fauna and flora to know, adventures to live and many blue nights to sleep under. Whether in its nature-filled areas or in its incredibly modern cities, Australia is a country that will steal your breath away. But when we think of traveling to a country, we must necessarily consider what the requirements are to be able to enter. We will see below how to obtain a visa to enter Australia. Continue reading “How to get a visa for Australia”

Visa to Australia from the USA

Australia has been long known as a backpacker’s paradise thanks to being a huge nation full of diverse scenic sights as well as modern cities that line golden beaches. For US citizens, travelling across Australia isn’t too difficult because both nations share a common language. Of course, Australia is perfect for solo travellers, couples and families alike, but there are a few rules in place regarding its visa process. Fortunately, most US citizens can enjoy Australia by applying to an ETA. Continue reading “Visa to Australia from the USA”