Who needs a visa for Australia

Visa for Australia and different types :

Before planning to travel to Australia try to keep yourself updated by the visa policy. Be sure about your visa and the purpose to visit Australia. Because the visa you have will describe the intentions of your arrival to the country that either you are there for the spending holidays, business trip, or some sort of medical treatment and consultation issues and so on.Australia is retaining the visa policy since 1994, according to which every non-citizen in Australia must have a visa as Australia does not issue the visa on arrival. 36 countries in the world are included in the list to which Australia issue the visitor visa (eVisitor) and 9 countries are included in the list to which Travel Authority (ETA) issue visa. And 34 countries are included in the low-risk issuance of the visitor visa list. All other citizens of the different countries can apply online for the visitor visa. There is no way to find any short cut in the visa policy of Australia because the policy is very strict since 1st September 2015 Australia stopped to issue visa labels on visa holders and all the data is recorded on the central database and visa record can only be accessed through (VEVO) Visa Entitlement Verification Online. There is a list of different types of visas depending on the purpose to travel to Australia few of them are described here:

Who needs a visa for Australia

Transit visa (subclass 771):

This visa is for those who want to transit Australia for less than 72 hours or who are not qualified for the transit without a visa or for the people traveling to Australia to join a squad. This visa is not for every non-Australian citizen or holding another visa, there are some different rules for different nationals such as:
• People holding eVisitor eligible passport and ETA eligible passport and passport of specific countries can be allowed to issue the transit visa
• British passport holders can be issued this visa
• Taiwan passport holders can be issued this visa
• Diplomatic passport holders can be issued except few nationals.

Student visa (subclass 500):

This visa is offered to those who want to study full time in recognized education institutes. This visa is replaced by a subclass visa to 570 to 576 on 1st July 2016.

A special program (subclass 416):

For those who want to participate in approved special programs designed for the cultural enrichment or for the sack of benefit of the community. A wide variety of visas is included under this subclass depending on the type of course you choose. There are some requirements you need to fulfill to become eligible for this visa like you must have confirmation of the enrollment from the institute involved in streamlines visa processing program in Australia for:
• Advance diploma
• Bachelor degree
• Master degree
• Doctoral degree
• Non-award university exchange programs
• Non-award study abroad program.

Family visa:

This visa is sponsored by family friends, relatives, or family members. This visa allows you to visit your relatives in Australia and live there for 3 months.
Working holiday visa (subclass 417):
This visa is issued to the age of 18 – 30. This allows you to enjoy holidays and offers short term employment that helps to increase the joy of the holidays. This visa is issued to some specific countries which are participating in this scheme. There are some rules that must be followed for issuance of this visa:
• Must not have applied for the holiday visa 417 before applying for this time.
• Must meet the health and character requirements.
• Must have your own health insurance during the whole stay in Australia.
• Must have own enough finance to support you.
• Must leave the country after 12 months.
Special categories for the residence of Norfolk Island:
On the 1st of July 2016, Norfolk Island becomes the part of the Australian migration zone, although all the Norfolk Island permits are no longer valid. A non-citizen resident of Norfolk are issued visa having different categories according to their previous status and if they meet the requirements of the Norfolk while New Zealand citizens are given the special category visa.
Confirmatory residence visa (subclass 808):
This visa is issued to the permanent residents of the Norfolk they can live and work and leave (within the validity of the visa) in Australia but they should fulfill the requirements of the Norfolk and they hold the immigration permits or holding unrestricted entry permit, TEP or UEP.

Special Category visa (subclass 444):

This visa is for the new Zealand citizens under the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements for this they must possess the New Zealand valid passport. Under this New Zealand, citizens can live there and work permanently. This visa is issued under some conditions like no criminal conviction, should not be deported and should not be suffering from untreated tuberculosis.

Who needs a visa for Australia


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