How much is the tourist visa for Australia?

How much is the tourist visa for Australia?

Australia has much to explore so you should plan a tour. There are awesome places to visit like its rain forests, deserts sophisticated cities, beaches and do not forget to think about the amazing creatures that make everyone love them like kangaroos, koalas, and wombats they are also the identity of Australia. There is a list that why one should visit Australia but few of them are briefly discussed than the main focus will be on the types of visitor visas, how much they cost and who are eligible for the visa.

Why you should visit Australia?

• Fantastic and mesmerizing landscape with amazing creatures.
• Well maintained and smooth road and easy to reach the tourist point.
• 12th largest economy of the world
• Easy and transparent government policies.
• One of the most popular and beautiful cities in the world like Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart.
• Diversity in culture and secular and cooperative communities.
• Visitors are also offered various hobbies and interests like sports, beaches, events, foods nature and wildlife and much more adventure.
• Excellent living standards and quality life.

How much is the tourist visa for Australia

Why people visit Australia?

There is a number of reasons that why one would like to visit Australia like to spend holidays, social and recreational events and activities, to visit relatives, friends, for business tours for medical treatment or medical consultations. For all such reasons you are required to apply for the visa and the different visas have different prices usually the price is almost 140 AUD.

There are two types of eTA for Australia:

Tourist eTA used for tourism purposes (a holiday, visiting friends and relatives, etc.) Valid for 365 days, starting on the date of approval. Good for visits of up to 90 consecutive days.

Business eTA  used for business purposes (taking part in a conference, negotiating a business contract, etc.) Valid for 365 days, starting on the date of approval. Good for visits of up to 90 consecutive days.

eTa to Australia is valid for 1 year or until your passport expires. You can stay in Australia for up to 3 months. You can apply at any time and you don’t need to print it. You can’t buy it on arrival so you need to do it ahead. The cost is 39 EUR.

Different visa subclasses:

1. Visitor visa-600:
This visa offers the tourists to visit Australia as tourists, business or to visit family. This visa is offered for a temporary stay. There are four types of streams in this visa:
• Tourist stream: this offers visitors to visit Australia as a tourist or to visit friends and family and for spending holidays and for social and recreational activities.
• Business visitor stream: this visa is for the people who want to visit Australia for any business purpose, employment inquiry, or participating in any conference.
• Sponsored family stream: those who want to visit their family and relatives apply for this visa.
• Approved destination status stream: this visa is special for the People’s Republic of China those who travel on organized tour groups.

Requirements to be fulfilled:

There are certain requirements that should be fulfilled to apply for this visa such as
• Should meet health and character requirements.
• Should convince authority for the purpose of the visit.
• You should have adequate funds for your support and your family.
• Ensure the visa officer to return home country after the visa expires.
• Mostly Australian debts by the Australian government are not for the visitors.
• For the family stream visitor, you must have the sponsorship by for family or relatives
• For 3 months duration
• Work as a volunteer and unpaid if you wish.

How much is the tourist visa for Australia?

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