How long can I stay in Australia without a visa?

Duration of stay without a visa in Australia:

Staying in a country without a visa sounds like only troubles and tension but countries have different policies according to which they can ensure a person has a safe stay in their country like other countries. Australia is also having a visa policy according to which some rules should be followed by the person and rules can differ on the situation of the person like if any US citizen so not wants to stay permanently in Australia then he must apply for an eTA visa whose duration is of 12 months. Australia has joined the VISA waiver program according to which Australian citizens can travel to the US but this does not ensure the safe stay of US citizens in Australia without a visa. For the US citizens safe stay in Australia without a visa, they must have ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) visa by which they stay in the limited cases.
How long can I stay in Australia without a visa?

According to the visa policy, all the people from different countries must have a visa to enter and stay in Australia for some specific duration allowed by the country. Some are discussed here:

ETA and Transit visa:

For the US citizens to stay in Australia they should apply for the ETA visa according to which it is valid for 12 months in Australia until the validity of the visa. Under this visa person can do business, work, stay and study for 3 months in Australia. Apart from this, they are allowed for only 3 months to stay in Australia after which they must leave the country and can come back any time before the passport expiry. To apply for this visa the person must not be involved in any criminal activity or having a criminal record, and must not be suffering from tuberculosis.

Electronic Travel visa:

This visa is only offered to the people whose country is included in the list of eligible for this visa for example USA. It is offered to age 18 to 30 for only 12 months (1 year). Under this visa, they are allowed to do the job for short terms and support them during their stay in Australia. US citizens are offered a study visa according to which the student must live within Australia by long the study duration.

Medical treatment visa:

This visa is issued on the basis of medical treatment or medical consultations in Australia. This can also be offered to those who want to support any sick person in Australia or to donate the organ. This visa longs by the duration a person stay for medical treatment or consultation or donation of an organ. When this is done they must leave the country according to their policy and can come whenever they need next time for medical consultancy if any needed.

Entry expiry date:

When a person enters Australia he becomes bound to the visa. The entry expiry date tells the date you enter in Australia on any visa you are holding that time. It is possible that that the entry expiry date ends while you are still in Australia this may lead to serious tension for you because you will become unlawful in the country and can affect your future visa application and you may be deported.
According to the Australian visa policies, it is not possible to extend a visa while staying in Australia, so you must apply for a new visa. There are a few exceptions that some clients are eligible to apply for a new visa. To get more details to try to contact the local immigration office in Australia to check if you are eligible or not. You must keep one thing in mind that if you are not eligible to apply for a new visa while staying in there then you must leave the country before the ‘until date’ otherwise you can get into serious trouble.

How long can I stay in Australia without a visa

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